Monday, 30 September 2013

Student of The Day - Vineeth

Vineeth Roberts

My name is "Vineeth Roberts" and am born and brought up in Hyderabad.

I was born on 10th of august 1991 which is the most precious day of any calendar .

My schooling was from St. Theresa high school , ICSE.
My inter was from Sri Chaitanya Junior Kalasala in Hyderabad.

I completed my from Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad and my specialization was Aeronautical Engineering.

Till now passed all my main exams with a decent percentage and with distinction looking forward for a success in my MBA with my lords blessings.

Coming to my personnel life I have a brother whom I love a lot who takes care of all my needs and my Mom, who cares about me with an unmatchable love. I don’t remember a day eating my breakfast with my hand till my engineering on a working day. I have many friends and pass times but she has only me and my brother and she always works and plans for giving us the best future and comfort.

My Dad, who is my first and the greatest hero of my life who taught me how to live how to tackle this world encrypted all the moral values in me prepared me to face life like a lion teaching its cubs to hunt and rule and he went to his resting place .

Coming to my personnel life totally fun loving and try anything which I feel like doing. I would be glad if my friends say about me. I enjoy my life to the fullest but I always try to balance my fun with studies and so far things went on really well. I love to hang out with my friends and visiting new places.

Girls friends and all bored of all those and am totally done with those stuff now though happy to be friendly with people and it’s the best thing rather than getting stuck up with a person wasting time and all things.

But these two years am trying to control myself from something’s cause things have totally changed in my life and have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders.

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

STUDENT OF THE DAY - Damodhran Durairaj

Roll no. : M-B/009
DOB : 9th February 1988
Hometown : Coimbature , Tamilnadu ,India
Status : I am Single.
Hobby : Browsing
Interest in : Music & Technology.
Favorite  Sports : Basket Ball & volley Ball
Qualification : BE in Eletrical & Electronics From Karpagam University with 75 % in 2009-12
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic From NPA Centenary Politechnic College with 92%  & JCI(Junior Chamber International) President ,Kotagiri in 2003-06
10th from Pandiaraj Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School with 74%.
Extra Course : MS Office, Visual Basic , C Programming & HTML Programming.
Work Experience : 7 Years in M/s LARSEN AND TOUBRO LTD In 2006-13.
Unique Tabula Rasa Quality : Know all the modules of SAP, and experienced in all the Modules. ( Ex. Material Master, Design, Production, Finance and Accounting ).
 Achievements : 2times outstanding performer of the year & 2 times top performer.
Like to do : Social Activity & fun with friends.
Idol : Mother Teresa.
Respect : My Parents.
Love : My parents will select my better half.

Friday, 27 September 2013

          Welcome to 

 Tabula Rasa 

Tabula Rasa's 1st day in ISBR Business School on 17th August 2013