Saturday, 19 October 2013

Student of the Day - Abhishek Sawant

DOB 07/04/1993

I belong from the place which is named after the famous sailor (VASCO DA GAMA) .It is situated in the Small and tiny state Goa with its tagline “365 DAYS HOLIDAY DESTINATION”. It is waiting for you people to visit her.

I completed my schooling from St. Joseph’s Institute, Vasco (known for its table tennis players all over Goa) I passed my Bachelors from MES college of Arts and commerce, with a degree In BBA.

Coming to my achievements its lot to Jot down but will focus on few of the important and recent things first of all we as a team finished Second at IIM- Bangalore in Pratibimb event, then won Best manager event organized by ISBR more to add on worked with GCCI (Goa chamber for commerce and industries) for CSR awards also to add on I stood 2nd in business quiz event and 2nd in Stock market round at National Fest “Rhythm” organized by Damodar college other was I finished 3rd in marketing round at 3 different (national) Management Fest etc.

Coming to my family, ours is a small family with My father who works at LIC of India, My mom who is a housewife, Me and my young sister who is presently studying in 10th standard.

“Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... It's about who came, and never left your side...” for me I have groups of friends and all are special to me but there are few to be highlighted here from my UG and schooling days, mainly Ashish, Abdul, Akash, Veron, Yogesh, Anisha, Siddhi, Prithvi, Poonam, Shruti, Alisha many more. And I can’t say what my life would have been without them.  And now at ISBR our DG’s (Vikas, Avinash, Nitika) and Taruna and many more to jot down.

Love: “Where there is love there is life”, my love are my parents and my sweetie.

 ISBR at place where we can improve on your skills and place where you are given platform to excel.

“Note: Please friends I may make fun of you all but I make it just for fun sake and do not take it seriously, and if anybody felt offended then I’m sorry about it.

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