Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Student of The Day - Sandeep Pradhan

Myself, Sandeep Pradhan from Raurkela, a city of steel, Odisha .

26 Dec. 1988

I have completed B-Tech in IT from BPUT, Odisha.

I also stood 9 times
1st in national talent search examination.

All of u are my friends. I believe life is too short to have grudge on anyone. So I make friends with everyone I meet. My list of best friends is very short as I had 2 best friends in my schooling and two during my B-tech because my thought process is very different from others. But all of my batch-mates were my friends.
In my family, my Dad is an employee in SAIL (PSU undertaking),my Mom is a housewife, she prepares good sweets for me because she is very sweet herself, my brother is pursuing his B-tech. I love my family very much. My parents are my idol.
Talking of girlfriend, I didn't had any girlfriend nor do I want to have one. I'm happy as a single and proud of it. I hate love stories as I feel these are all bullshit.

 ISBR : I landed here accidentally.
I respect all human beings as I see almighty God in all of them.

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