Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Name    :   Jakkula Suresh
DOB     :   17 May 1990
Native   :  ( Famous for Briyani ) 
                   --- Hyderabad.
Educational Qualification   :   BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

*Started learning business from my dad, when I was doing Engineering. 
*Got to know rules and ideas, how to do Business from my dad.
*Later on,  started doing business with new ideas, which led to more profit.
*Also, started marketing my dad’s business ( Exports and Imports of Glasses ) and attending Clients.
Achievements    :  FY Focus Topper( 2012-13 ) – ICICI Bank, Hyderabad.
My Dream     :   To get a Job, in which I can go to every part of the world.
*Also I want to be good HR manager in one of the Top MNC company.
Love     :   Love my Family and friends.
About ISBR     :  Getting good experience and knowledge.  Got good friends from ISBR.

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