Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Student Of The Day - MOHTASHIM ZAFAR



Hometown : Patna- A place famous for its LITTI CHOKHA Worldwide,

Educational background:

10th from Patna Central School

12th from RPS Public School
BBA from Dr.Zakir Hussain Institute


Recently bagged 2nd position in an marketing event at IIM Bangalore

About family : I have two younger brother and one my dearest sister

 About friends:Friends are Oxygen
About love:Mother : The defination of love starts from her and ends at her....

Favorite Place / Film/Actors/etc:

Favorite Place- Rajagir in Bihar and Goa

Film- Rang de Basanti, Tare Zamin Par, 300 and many more.....

Actors- John Abraham, Salman Khan, Tom cruise, Sylvester Stellone.....

9. About ISBR:

After coming here, discovered myself, learned many new things and still learning.......

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