Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Student Of The Day : Pranav Sankar

I am 
Pranav Sankar,

 Born on 
20th august 1988

My Hometown is Ambur (Leather city), Tamilnadu,
-special for Biriyani and Leather export products.
Educational background is B.E (CSE).

My Achievements  : Doing mistakes and achieving from my mistakes.

My family members including me ,Dad, Mom, Grand pa.

About  my Friends I can say 
"First come First serve”  
Last come Last Forever “.
 (Means – “ First or Last ,My Blood cannot be counted in drops'')

About my love - Currently vacancy is open.

My Favorite Place / Film/Actors -
Home / Raja Rani / Rajini and Kamal.

About my ISBR Enjoy, Learn, Jump, Help, Live, and Let Live.

I wanna add one thing,  ------- If I hurted anybody(Mentally) I am sorry its not intentional. I make fun of people but not with their feelings. Sorry if I did anytime.

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